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Aruna Katoch

My Journey to Purposeful Parenthood:

Nurturing Life on Every Level

At the heart of my practice, I began with the conventional, delving into medical histories and diagnosing physical ailments. Yet, the more I listened, the more I discovered. I realized that beneath these ailments lay deeper roots—emotional and mental health.

Then came the day when young, innocent faces sought my help, bearing the weight of heavy medications. It was a wake-up call that reverberated through my soul. These children deserved better.

After extensive research, we introduced 'Elixir Junior,' a turning point that ignited significant changes in the health of these young souls. It was then that I knew I had to change my approach.


With over two decades of serving people and a decade of teaching embryology, my understanding of the body and health evolved. A profound purpose and passion began to emerge—a calling to which I wholeheartedly dedicate the rest of my life.

I embarked on a mission to fortify the foundations of these young lives, understanding that their health journey began within their mother's womb. Garbha Sanskar, I discovered, held the key to holistic well-being.

But life had more lessons in store for me. After marriage, within the first three months, I experienced a spontaneous miscarriage. I thought I needed to slow down. However, the desire for a family persisted, and despite diligent efforts, conception remained elusive.

As an analytical person, I delved into investigations, seeking answers. Knowledge, as I learned, could be a double-edged sword, leading me down a path of emotional turmoil.

Amid tests and medical procedures, I realized that there was more to the story. I needed to address the intricate balance of feminine and masculine energies within myself. Hormones were not the cause; they were the effect.

After working tirelessly on all aspects and introspecting deeply, I finally received the joyous news of pregnancy. However, at six weeks, I faced the heartbreaking loss of my baby. Alone on that fateful day, an angelic presence in my life helped navigate the painful hospital procedures.

It was the lowest point of my life, lying alone in a bed after anesthesia had worn off, with no one to offer a glass of water in my time of need. But from that darkness, I found strength.

I embarked on a deep introspection journey, uncovering missing pieces of the puzzle. With determination and the ability to manage physical pain, I conceived again in three months and welcomed a healthy baby within 11 months.

Through these experiences, one truth became unmistakably clear—quality matters most. No matter how nurturing the environment is, we are limited in our efforts without solid and healthy seeds.

Besides my own journey, I have had the privilege of helping numerous couples conceive successfully and supporting them through the transformative journey of Garbha Sanskar during pregnancy. Witnessing these families blossom into vibrant, harmonious units has been a profound joy and a testament to the power of conscious conception.

And so, my quest for the roots led me to 'The Art of Conscious Conception.' Here, in the sanctity of these beginnings, we empower the seeds that will one day blossom into vibrant, healthy lives.

Welcome to Ayursaar, where we celebrate the art of creating life with intention, love, and unwavering commitment.

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