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Preparing for Parenthood

A Tailored Proactive Health Strategy for Couples

Welcome to our Proactive Health Strategy Coaching Session!


Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a profound and transformative experience, and at Ayursaar, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations that couples face during the preconception phase. Our exclusive Preconception Mastery Program is meticulously crafted for couples planning to conceive within a year or more. This personalized proactive health strategy goes beyond conventional approaches, offering a holistic foundation for your journey to parenthood.


The Preconception Phase: A Crucial Preparation

The preconception phase is more than a mere stepping stone to conception; it's a pivotal time to optimize your physical, emotional, and environmental well-being. This period, extending beyond the conventional emphasis on vitamins and lifestyle adjustments, requires a nuanced approach to ensure a healthy and harmonious transition to parenthood.

Level 1: Addressing Unique Concerns - Meet Emily and James

To illustrate the tailored approach of our program, let's introduce Emily and James, a fictional couple on their preconception journey:

Emily's Fertility Worries: Concerned about her family's history of reproductive challenges, Emily carries a fear about her own fertility.

James' Parental Responsibilities: James grapples with anxiety about the responsibilities of becoming a parent, questioning his ability to meet expectations.

Challenging Mental Patterns: Both Emily and James face societal expectations that influence their self-worth and struggle with breaking free from limiting beliefs.

Balancing Act Insecurities: Shared insecurities about the balance between career and family life add to their doubts about parenthood readiness.

A Holistic Approach: Guiding Emily and James

Level 2: Connector - Connect to Thyself

In this level, Emily and James explore the intricate relationship between their emotions and physical bodies. Understanding the deeper connections and patterns that influence their reactions and responses, they decode emotional patterns and foster healthier emotional alignment.

Session Highlights:

Session 1 (90 mins): Delve deep into the relationship between emotions and physical body.
Session 2 (60 mins): Continue connecting emotions with the body, exploring patterns and receiving personalized recommendations.


Level 3: Initiator - Bring Clarity to Your Thoughts

Emily and James enter a yearlong program aligning their lifestyle with natural rhythms. They receive comprehensive guidance to improve their current situation, including dietary, behavioral, and environmental advice. This level builds upon previous foundations, deepening their understanding and application of proactive health strategies.

Session Highlights:

Session 1 (90 mins): Explore the intricate relationship between emotions and physical body.
Sessions 2-4 (60 mins each): Address specific aspects of health and well-being, providing guidance, insights, and personalized recommendations.

Level 4: Reformer - Embrace Positive Change

As Reformers, Emily and James work together to integrate positive changes from previous levels. They undergo a comprehensive approach addressing physical and emotional aspects, incorporating modalities like general healing, crystal healing, and deep relaxation sessions.

Session Highlights:

Sessions 1-5 (60 mins each): Identify areas of growth, explore the impact of proactive health strategies, and make necessary adjustments for sustained progress.

Level 5: Reset - Realign Your Body

In the final level, Emily and James receive tools and support to reset and realign their bodies at all levels. With 10 sessions, they assess strengths, recognize potential threats to healthy alignment, and develop heightened awareness for sustained well-being.

Session Highlights:

Sessions 1-10 (Duration varies): Address remaining imbalances, receive personalized recommendations, and navigate obstacles on the path to wellness.

The Ayursaar Advantage

Expert Guidance
Our Ayurveda Medicine Doctor and experienced counselors provide insights, support, and transformative guidance throughout the program.

Transformative Workshops
Beyond surface-level adjustments, our workshops delve into the comprehensive nature of preconception preparation.

Personalized Care
Emily and James receive guidance and plans tailored to their specific challenges and goals.

Book Your Tailored
Preconception Mastery Journey

Ready to embark on a transformative preconception journey designed exclusively for couples? Connect with us to schedule your personalized Preconception Mastery session.

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