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Unlock your full potential with personalized coaching - Aruna Katoch

Meet Aruna Katoch

Ayurveda Medicine Doctor and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Dr. Aruna Katoch (MBA, MD Ayurveda, BAMS) Chief Consultant and Physician, an incisive professional with vast experience in Ayurvedic consulting. Expert in Nadi Pariksha, Garbha Sanskar, Bal Sanskar, Panchkarma, Psychosomatic disorders, child behavior issues etc. She has special interest in converting her vast experience and knowledge in scriptures to unique wellness supplements.


One of such products is Elixir Junior. Concept of Elixir Junior had set in her right grey cells, while she was taking part in a social project on immunization of children at her graduation days, where she has observed that child of today is immensely affected by junk foods and pesticides / adulterated food supplements. Elixir Junior was her unique formulation. The base of this is originally coming from our country’s age-old tradition of using gold and medicated ghee for boosting the ‘Ojus’ or the immune power as described in our Ancient scriptural.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Proactive is the new active.

"If you are proactive, you focus on preparing. If you are reactive, you end up focusing on repairing."


John C. Maxwell

Thank you, Dr. Aruna, for not only enhancing my emotional well being but also teaching me the greatest ancient knowledge. You are a doctor and a teacher as well. Now I am a serious evangelist of Ayurveda. Its been

- Rajagopal RG

Dr. Aruna is a wonderful Ayurvedic doctor, she works with chronic pain and also nutritional issues. Very professional!

- Charles Korrick Gonsher

Thank you, madam, for being so considerate and generous, I had developed an attachment the very first day. Honestly speaking, for me who had been to so many treatments before and whose patience had almost exhausted, you revived my faith and I feel even this has helped me a lot…

- Ranjana

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