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Effects on emotional health and its solutions during a pandemic


As an old saying goes “If you want to see the true self, see them in their hard/tough

time”. Often one comes to know more of their inside out during a pandemic

outbreak similar to this COVID19. Pandemic reflects more like a mirror to our

inside out image. Ayurveda has summarized this inside out in a concept called

Panchkosh (the five aspects); viz, physical, energy, emotional, mental, spiritual

bodies with respective health. This time prism is

refracting all the component of health i.e.

physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

When you observe the affects closely, one of

the bodies is acting like a catalyst to entangle or

release all the other bodies to result into

harmony or dissonance is - the emotional body.

Emotional body is usually confused with mental

body but it’s not. Nowadays this is the most affected and these adverse effects

are seen on all the other bodies clearly. To regain the wholesome health on all

the aspects we need to address the real root cause.

Reasons of these effects:

  1. The Ripple effect: Everyone wants be updated with what’s going on around the world via social media, news channels and other digital resources. They spend most of the time watching or listening to these. The outcome is doubt, fear, anxiety, depression etc due to the Ripple effect.

  2. Emotional Contagion: Numbers of study’s has shown that group emotional contagion, the transfer of moods among people in a group, and its influence on work dynamics. It also effects at individual level too.

  3. Compulsive behaviour: This leads to compulsive behaviour either over indulging in same process like watching similar news or suppressing this with opposite behaviour like eating, sleeping etc. Hence all of these factors are sweeping our society in this pandemic nowadays.

  4. This whole concept can be understood better if you consider

all as the stages rather than different factors. All these factors have lower frequency affecting our chakras making it more congested and overactive. This is not only affecting our emotional body but also affecting our physical and energy bodies too.


  1. Studies has shown that chanting of ‘OM’ shift your energy from lower frequency to higher frequency. The results can be seen in 3-5 mins.

  2. Plan the daily schedule which strengthens your energy i.e. right dietary habits and living in right environment.

  3. Invest your time in learning new things.

  4. Do meditation as it helps you to embrace the fear and doubt and will transmute the same energy to higher frequency of love and gratitude.

  5. Limit yourself for updates, as we always vibrate on a frequency of same wavelength, we are in. As the energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

This is our choice, we want to utilize this period to strengthen ourselves by shifting to higher frequency of love and gratitude or to fall into the trap of fear, stress and anxiety.This period has given great opportunity to serve humanity where all the senior Gurus, mentors, and teachers join on May 21, 2020 to meditate and heal the world.All this is giving all of us to heal and balance our emotional body.


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